The Courage Zone Adventures in Marriage Cruise 2025

Welcome to Treasured: The Courage Zone Adventures in Marriage (A.I.M.) Cruise Experience!

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling and transformative journey through marriage, faith, and adventure? Join us, Michael and LaToya Bell, as we invite you to set sail on an extraordinary marriage cruise experience like no other. This unique voyage is designed for married couples seeking to unearth the treasures hidden within their love, deepen their faith, and explore new dimensions of God's vision for their life and ministry together.

TREASURED Principle: Always Holding Hands

We believe in the power of journeying through life hand in hand, both spiritually and physically. Marriage is our grand adventure, starting at home to create something extraordinary together, according to God's design for our union.

If you share this belief in your marriage, we invite you to join us on this God-adventure at sea, away from the daily routines and responsibilities, where you can rediscover your purpose and impact as a married couple in a serene and inspiring environment.

So, let's embark on this journey together and have courage to make some waves as we partner with God and each other to go beyond our comfort zones!

A Cruise Retreat Like None Other

Every Courage Zone Experience is designed in partnership with God, just for those who attend! That's why we all come with excitement and focus our faith on embracing what's in store for us.

This Courage Zone Adventures in Marriage Cruise Experience is designed for husbands and wives who:

  • Enjoy each other's company 
  • Desire to PARTNER with God in life and ministry/business together
  • Are willing to dare to go beyond what's familiar to new dimensions of fulfillment
  • Want to connect with other couples for friendship and support
  • Are open to sharing and receiving in ways that enhance the experience for all

This cruise experience is not a good fit for these couples:

  • In crisis or not sure you want to stay together
  • "Know it all" and have "been there, done that" 
  • Only want a vacation and are not committed to participating in marriage-enriching experiences
  • One has to beg, drag, or manipulate the other to be part of the experience

What You Can Anticipate

When you embark on this Courage Zone Adventures in Marriage Cruise Experience, you can look forward to a journey filled with:

  • Adventure: Set sail on the high seas, explore beautiful destinations, and partake in thrilling activities that will add a touch of excitement to your marriage and faith journey.
  • Fun: Enjoy laughter, joy, and the kind of fun that comes from creating unforgettable memories together. TREASURED is designed to infuse fun into your marriage and faith adventure.
  • Focus: As you encounter and embrace the GOLD (God's Original Love Design) in each each other, discover a newfound sense of purpose and direction for your life and ministry together.
  • Community: Deepen your connection with God, your spouse, and fellow couples. The Courage Zone awaits, where you'll form bonds that are stronger and more meaningful than ever.
  • Expansion: Take your marriage and faith journey to new dimensions. With our guidance, you'll explore new possibilities for your life and ministry together by embracing each other's gifts, talents, and passions -- and how to partner with God and each other to make an impact.
  • Strategy: We'll offer a structured approach for you to create a vision-driven plan together, incorporating the insights, fun, focus on G.O.L.D. in each other, and community building you will encounter before and during the cruise. This framework aims to seamlessly weave these elements into your post-cruise plans, ensuring the God-adventure continues upon your return home.

To create a supportive atmosphere for venturing beyond our comfort zones, the TREASURED experience includes:

  • Courageous AIM Compass Intensive: Where big dreams, vision, lifestyle, and strategic planning collide! Uncover deeper insights on Heaven's response to the question, "Why did we get married?!" Work together in facilitated sessions and guided reflection to imagine new possibilities, honor each other's dreams, and create a plan for living it out. Includes pre-cruise virtual sessions to build it so you're ready to start living into it during the cruise!
  • Access to group sessions: Times for connecting as a couple and with other TCZ AIM Cruising Couples. Sessions will include combinations of worship, instruction, reflection, and other activities to facilitate connection, celebration, and community.
  • Group and Evening Chic Couple Photos: We will have themed group photo opportunities from cute to casual to chic for you to capture the essence of your marriage partnership and celebrate who you are to each other. Digital copies of group photos are included, plus a guide on how to rock couple poses using just your mobile device.
  • TCZ AIM Treasure Chest: Curated keepsakes and goodies for celebrating, connecting, and creating
  • Connections with a community of like-hearted couples: Create new friendships and memories that can last beyond the cruise!
  • Dedicated travel agent to support you in making your travel arrangements
  • Plus, other surprises and treats to make your journey even more memorable!


  • The retreat portion of this experience is $1500 - $2500, depending on which adventure you choose.
  • Cruise and travel accommodation prices vary based on your preferences. 
  • There will be payment plans available for both the retreat registration and travel accommodations.

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Applying does not commit you in any way. If your application is accepted, you'll have 72 hours from the time of notification to complete your first or full retreat payment. If not received within this time, your space may be made available to another couple.

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