You're Invited to Go BIG with God!

You are MASTERFULLY MADE in God's image, with every aspect of His love and creative power inside you. Situations and society may lead you to believe you are a misfit, too much, or even a mistake. However, God sees you as LOVED, FLAWLESS, and WORTHY of His favor.

My mission is to awaken you to what God has already invested in you and to empower you to more fully show up in the brilliance of who He designed you to BE. Generational impact and the power to facilitate transformation are in your DNA! Thus, your true significance is not found in your credentials, competence, cash, nor connections (or lack thereof). The good news is: You don't have to perform for God!

The God who loves, sees, and knows you wants partnership with YOU! This place of partnership is beyond what is certain, common, convenient, and controllable. It's called The Courage Zone.

Going B.I.G. with God -- beyond the immediate grasp of your comfort zone -- makes the impossible  possible! It brings God's dream of you from Heaven to Earth.

I invite you to access my complimentary gift to you: The Courage Zone - Strong and Courageous Woman Interactive Devotional Series and Community. If you're open to it, you will activate a personal transformation from the inside-out as you more fully embrace WHO God designed you to BE.

Let's Go B.I.G. with God, together!

Available Experiences

The Courage Zone: Strong and Courageous Woman

Every great accomplishment in the Bible began with a transformational encounter with God. Before they could ever  complete their kingdom assignments, they had a divine appointment with the God who anointed, authorized, and assigned them.

The Courage Zone is not about doing more things. Its about BEing more of who God made you to BE. This five-part experience will equip and empower you for your next dimension of purpose by revealing God's heart for you

Redeemed Original Image Consulting | Image Strategy Experience

Refresh and reclaim your sense of style in this private coaching experience. We will work together to ensure you have the tools and insights you need to align your outer style to how you are called to show up in your current or next season of life.

With a renewed focus you can launch into your next dimension of purpose with faith, freedom, and fearlessness to show up authentically and with ease.

Color Confidence Experience

Leverage the power of color from head to toe to enhance your best features, create a stand out online presence, and pull together on-brand outfits with ease!

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