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The Courage Zone G.L.A.M. (God Loves All of Me) Experiences are designed to unleash new dimensions of faith, fearlessness, and freedom through transformational encounters with God. 

The unique settings provide space for women to experience confidence and freedom to be authentically present, get what they need to fill their cups, and to be a blessing to others -- simply by BEing themselves!

No more hiding, playing small, or staying stuck in past accomplishments -- you are powerful beyond measure! Come and discover what's on God's heart for you and how much He values you -- just as you are.

If you're open to it, this (and more!) are available to you during a Couragw Zone G.L.A.M. Experience -- whether by land (GLAMping) or by sea (GLAM Cruise). Anticipate God meeting you exactly where you are and serving you living water that redeems, releases, and restores, and reveals.

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2023 Coueage Zone G.L.A.M. Experiences

  • G.L.A.M. Cruise: April 2023
  • G.L.A.M.ping: Autumn 2023

No two experiences are the same! Not only in venue but more importantly in how the Heavenly G.L.A.M. Squad customizes the experiences for those who accept the invitation to attend, and what they need in that season of life and kingdom assignment.

What It's Like to Attend a Courage Zone GLAM Experience

Highlights from GLAMping 2022

Testimonies from 2022 GLAMping Girlfriends


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